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Stave in Wpc Ultrashield ideal for outdoor flooring

Slat features: 

  • Length: 2200 mm
  • Width: 138 mm
  • Thickness: 23 mm
  • One side veined and one smooth side
  • Clip mounting


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Innovation, quality and aesthetics are the watchwords of UltraShield.

UltraShield is unique in its category and represents an absolute novelty for the decking market. A new generation of composite wood, conceived and designed to combine unrivaled performance and aesthetics. The result of over five years of research and revolutionary technology, UltraShield brings a decisive innovation to the composite wood sector: fusing the proven strength of hardwood fibers and high-density polyethylene with an external shield completely made of polymer, which encapsulates the plank wrapping it in a waterproof and protective film, highly resistant to scratches, stain formation and color variations over time. UltraShield is the answer to the need for innovation in the composite wood sector: a plank that, like no other, combines the advantages of composite wood with all the charm and essential beauty of natural wood.


UltraShield® is an encapsulated wood-plastic composite: it is in fact equipped with a technologically advanced shield of superior quality, which covers the central core on 4 sides. The shield and the core are coextruded in a mold at a very high temperature, thus avoiding adhesives or chemicals harmful to the environment. The core is made up of carefully selected recycled materials and recycled hardwood fibers and high density polyethylene, which ensure greater strength and durability. Better yet, it's 100% recyclable. The shield uses an advanced technopolymer with a formulation that provides the boards with Ultra Protection against:

> Stains - any external residue can be easily eliminated from the surface as it is never absorbed by the shield: this is why UltraShield is very easy to clean and low maintenance

> Mold, rot, cracks or cracks - The shield is a 100% waterproof layer that prevents any mold and crack from forming on the surface of the board

> Color change - The special formula of the shield ensures unparalleled chromatic stability over the years, making it impossible for the human eye to detect changes. The result of 3000 hours in a QUV test laboratory at accelerated atmospheric agents is Delta E <4.0: it means that the human eye cannot detect an appreciable change in color.

> Aesthetic deterioration - Ultrashield's unique multi-color shades are an integral part of the shield's formulation, which over the years will never need to be painted, sanded or oiled.


Ultrashield colors and finishes boast a unique treatment on the protective coating that makes the appearance


Tests performed by Intertek (International Independent Body)

Standard Feature Outcome
ASTM D6109 Flexural strength 26,3 MPa
Bending stiffness 2620 MPa
ASTM D4226 Impact resistance MFE> 396J
ASTM D785 Rockwell durability 78,7R
ASTM D7032 Creep recovery (24h) 82,2%1
EN 319 Tensile strength > 2,08 MPa
ASTM G21 Mold resistance (28 days) Rating 02
ASTM D4060 Abrasion resistance 33 Index3
ASTM D1037 Moisture content before diving 0,21%
Moisture content after immersion 0,33%
Thickness swelling 0,32%
ISO-4892 1 Weather resistance (2000h) E = 2,5 Grayscale 3-4
DIN 51130 Slip resistance Angle: 19,7 ° Group R114

1 384mm wheelbase 2 Value 0: null (no growth) 3 Weight loss after 800 cycles 27mg, after 1000 cycles 33mg 4Group R11: suitable value for public spaces.

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