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3.494,00 - 4.040,00



  • Height: 245 cm
  • Width: 319 cm
  • Depth: 204 cm
  • With or without side


Bus shelter made of cantilevered metal with polycarbonate back walls, Acaya model. Structure consisting of two vertical bearing structures, with upper arches in galvanized sheet metal, obtained by laser cutting. On each single structure there are alternating ellipsoidal and circular emptyings. Two base plates, ellipsoidal in shape, made of galvanized sheet metal and provided with circular holes for the passage of threaded anchors anchored to the concrete foundation, to connect the base plates and the vertical structures with triangular stiffening plates. Connection of the load-bearing structures by means of a frame in rectangular galvanized steel profiles. At the front, the frame is provided with a horizontal cross-member in round tube and PVC end caps with spherical head. Back wall consisting of a perimeter frame in galvanized steel corner section with two vertical uprights, on the outside, in rectangular galvanized steel tube. Transparent alveolar polycarbonate supported by rectangular tube profiles. Opaque alveolar polycarbonate cover supported by rectangular galvanized steel tube profiles. Gutter, in the back, for the collection and discharge of rainwater. Bench made with two supports, harmonized with the vertical structures, in galvanized sheet metal obtained by laser cutting technology, both supports are characterized by the presence of decorative hollowing. Two base plates, welded to the supports, made of galvanized sheet metal, both plates are provided with circular holes for fixing to the ground. Seat with twelve profiles in galvanized steel round tube complete with end caps in PVC with spherical head and backrest with nine profiles in round tube in galvanized steel complete with end caps in PVC with spherical head. The basic finish for the metal parts of this product is the "gun barrel" color characterized by a dark gray color with a metallic effect. However, the customer can request a different finish, chosen from the RAL colors available on our website. The painting technique adopted for the galvanized steel structure is with thermosetting powders with oven firing, it gives a wider longevity to the product by applying on it a layer of paint of 60 microns. For all the details, please download the detailed technical data sheet on the product

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