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  • Height: 245 cm
  • Width: 328 cm
  • Depth: 184 cm


Shelter await buses for Ciampino urban furniture. Structure composed of three rear vertical uprights and one front vertical upright in steel round tube complete with plates, at the base, in galvanized sheet. Three upper arches, made of galvanized sheet metal obtained by laser cutting technology with stylized decorative hollowing. The arches are connected and made integral with each other by a rectangular galvanized steel tube frame. Back wall made up of frames in angular steel section and transparent laminated glass with polished edge. Left side wall (front view) consisting of a double-sided steel boxed bulletin board with central partition panel. Two folding doors, in steel profiles and key lock. Reading side in laminated glass. 220 V 50 Hz lighting system, consisting of two horizontally arranged ceiling lights (upper and lower part), striped diffuser screen in (PMMA) and 21 W neon lamp. Wiring with standard wiring and power supply cable with output at the base for the subsequent connection to public lighting. Cover in alveolar polycarbonate supported by profiles in galvanized steel rectangular tube. Removable sheet metal strip in the front part of the cover to affix the stop name and gutter, in the rear part, for the collection and discharge of rainwater. Bench made up of two anatomically shaped supports obtained by laser cutting technology with decorative carvings and seat and backrest made with twenty profiles in galvanized steel round tube complete with spherical-headed PVC end caps. For all the details, please download the detailed technical data sheet on the product.