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Star Bruma uses the natural principle of water atomization to produce fresh air by releasing millions of micro particles of fresh water. These particles, evaporating rapidly, reduce the ambient temperature by taking away the heat.

  • Consumption: 210-220-240 watts
  • Air flux: minimum 143 - max 220 m3 / min
  • Cooled area: About 35/40 m2
  • Height: cm 185


Mist without nozzles which, by atomising the water, reduce the temperature creating ventilated well-being.

  • No maintenance, it does not fear limescale because it has no nozzles
  • Mobile, it can be placed anywhere
  • Adjustable ventilation speed with 3-way switch
  • Timer function
  • Ability to adjust the nebulization

Specific to:

  • External areas of the sheds
  • Industrial environments
  • Tensile structure
  • Bathing facilities
  • Piscine
  • Outdoor areas of bars, restaurants, hotels
  • External areas of events