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HELIOSA 88 Adjustable model with hook for wall mounting

  • Carrara White Ral 9016 color
  • Power: 3000 Watt - R7S Attack Bulb
  • 220-240V 50 / 60Hz
  • Heated area approx. 20/25 mXNUMX *
  • Protection Index: IPX5
  • Dimensions 89x15x15,5 cm
  • Equipped with remote control with 50% - 100% - STOP ignition
  • Wall installation height max 2,80 - 3,30 m
  • Ideal placement: on the wall



  • Heliosa equipments optimize the refraction of short wave infrared rays by means of reflectors which, in general radiation, always have a fundamental value. This valence exceeds 60% and the emitter bulb about 40%. This is because the thermal radiation follows the laws of optics both for the aspects of reflection and refraction.


  • The management advantage of Heliosa lamps consists in the possibility of splitting the system into several areas, even small ones, with the adoption of diversified operating temperatures, which is impossible with traditional systems.


  • Homes, taverns, patios
  • Indoor and outdoor work areas
  • Changing rooms, sports and fitness areas
  • Terraces, free spaces in the open air
  • Winter garden, verandas
  • Under umbrellas, dehors, gazebos and stalls
  • Restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars
  • Historic places, castles, ancient villas, farmhouses
  • Wellness centers, swimming pools
  • Churches, sacristies, meeting rooms, offices
  • Showrooms, exhibition halls, boutiques, shops, markets
  • Cabins, chalets
  • Emergency areas, hospitals, garages

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