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2.290,40 - 2.836,40


  • Width 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 210, 220, 230, 240 cm
  • Height 220, 230, 240, 250 cm
  • Treated aluminum alloy profile
  • 3 + 3.1 laminated safety glass
  • Frame width: 45 mm
  • Door thickness: 45 mm
  • Complete with hinges and handle
  • Closure




Non-insulated series suitable for the realization of windows, glazing for dehor and doors in the most varied types required by the market: the complete range of profiles and accessories allows to fully respond to current design and performance needs. The constructive concept of the windows is the open joint, a solution that allows to guarantee a high resistance to atmospheric agents. The series uses the same accessories as the thermal break series, thus allowing to reach dimensions and capacities of absolute importance.

stalls-glass-fixed 3

For the extrusions, billets in the homogenized state in alloy 6060 (UNI 9006/1) are used, with narrow tolerances of composition suitable for anodic oxidation or painting. Dimensional tolerances comply with UNI EN 12020-2 standards.

The gaskets, both static and dynamic, are made of EPDM (ethylene-propylene elastomer).
The sealing brushes are made of high density polypropylene with a central fin.

The accessories have been designed for a simple and rational use using primary quality materials. The carriages are made of die-cast metal with reinforced polyamide wheels and ball bearings; the maximum load of the trolleys is 70 kg per leaf. The locking of the mobile frames takes place by means of a recessed handle.


The anodic oxidation treatment involves a first mechanical pre-treatment of scotch-brite brushing of the rough profiles. Subsequently all the other electrochemical treatments and the relative controls are carried out according to the Technical Directives of the European quality mark QUALANOD Rev. 00 Edition 3 ° 1999. The thickness of the anodic oxide is checked according to UNI EN ISO 2360: 1998 (induced current method) , while for the fixing quality of the anodic oxide layer reference is made to ISO 3210 and UNI EN 12373-4: 2000. The treatments are guaranteed with the QUALANOD quality mark (EURAS-EWAA), and are performed by a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certified company. The profiles with exposed parts have a Brushed E2 finish, while for the profiles with non-visible parts, the finish is Chemical Satin E6. The mandatory minimum thickness of the oxide for architecture for outdoor use is 15 microns, which can be increased to higher classes (20 and 25) according to the customer's requests and / or the regulations in force in the countries of destination.
The colors can be: natural silver, light bronze, medium bronze, medium bronze electrocolour, dark bronze electrocolour, black electrocolour.

The painting is of the powder type and the color can be chosen from the range from the «RAL» folder, according to our. color fan and / or according to specific customer requests. Before painting, the surface of the profiles is treated with the following tunnel pretreatment operations including:

  • degreasing
  • washing
  • pickling
  • washing
  • chromatization
  • double washing in demineralized water
  • passage in a drying oven

Subsequently, the powders are applied by spray painting in an automatic booth with reciprocating electrostatic guns with subsequent passage in the oven for the polymerization of the paint. The powders used are QUALICOAT approved and the painting is carried out by a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certified company.
The mandatory minimum thickness of the architectural paint film for outdoor use is 60 microns. The entire coating cycle of the profiles is carried out in full compliance with the regulations envisaged for the QUALICOAT quality mark.


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160CM, 170CM, 180CM, 190CM, 200CM, 210CM, 220CM, 230CM, 240CM


220CM, 230CM, 240CM, 250CM